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0 by 1. 3 by 0. 4 inches and contains an Arm Away button that activates all sensors, a Home button that activates all perimeter sensors and disables all interior sensors allowing you to move about the house without triggering an alarm, and a Disarm button that puts the system in standby mode but keeps water and fire sensors active. Although Abode doesn't offer a full on control panel like the ones that you get with Frontpoint, LiveWatch, and Vivint, it does offer a Wireless Keypad $79 you can mount on a wall and use to arm and disarm the system without the need for your mobile device. You can control dozens of Z Wave and ZigBee components with Abode including door locks and garage door openers, water and flood sensors, glass break sensors, light bulbs, and dimmer switches. Add on component prices are comparable with what we've seen with other security systems. Abode charges $27 for a spare key fob compared with SimpliSafe's $24. 99, Protect America charges $49. 95, and Smanos offers pair of fobs for $49. 95. The Abode Indoor Streaming Camera $149, which the company sent along for testing, is around $50 more than the one you get from Simplisafe, but it's $40 cheaper than the one from Protect America. The upsides are obvious, with the ability to manage energy use remotely, as well as having a system that is working with you to make adjustments based on your lifestyle.

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Security cameras for home allow you to check on your kids when you’re at the grocery store, see if your pets are staying out of trouble while you’re gone for the night, or to keep tabs on any special collection you might have.


The advantages for ahard wired security system areA remote access system provides the capability to monitor and control a homesecurity system from a location away from the home.


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